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Duck 'N' Cover
November 11, 2010 06:22 PM PST
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[HARD DANCE/TECHNO] Love it or hate it, Hard Dance is definitely the most aggressive trance on the market, couple that with Hard Techno, and you've got a recipe for one mind blowing set. Relentless in delivery with incredible bass rhythms and melodic undertones, "Duck 'N' Cover" starts off at 145 BPM and steadily climbs all the way to an eye popping 160 BPM. So, if your into the harder side of trance, get ready to Duck 'N' Cover!!!

1. Energise (Original Mix) - James Lawson
2. Beaver Express (Captain Tinrib Remix) - Max Alien
3. Subsonic (Original Mix) - Omega 3
4. Miloude (Jody 6 Remix) - RR Fierce
5. Fake It (Original Mix) - Ben Fraser
6. Attack Of The 50 Foot DJ (Original Mix) - Sol Ray & Captain Tinrib
7. The Gateway feat. Butcherboy & Captain Tinrib (Original Mix) - Omega 3
8. Dinosaur (Destroyer Remix) - Robert Fabian
9. Pursuit Of Life (Original Mix) - FL-X
10. Top Class (Original Mix) - Destroyer
11. Nightmare (Mental Crush Remix) - Kree
12. Alarm (Original Mix) - Foncek
13. Happy Ending (Original Mix) - Lukas O

Alien Life Force
December 05, 2010 11:46 AM PST
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[PROGRESSIVE-PSY] On the fence about Psy-Trance? No worries, I'm not a fan of getting too crazy with my tunes either, and with the abundant selections of Psy available, it's very easy to do. This is a Psy set that I capped at around 135 BPM's, and will contain cutting edge sounds that in some regard belong more to the Progressive Trance family. This is definitely one of my best engineered mixes to date, with unbelievably clean transitions and nonstop grooves, it's one worth checking out! Hope you enjoy it!

1. Flegma & Nerso - Evolve (Original Mix)
2. Time In Motion - Audio Gigolo (Original Mix)
3. Protonica - Final Steps (Original Mix)
4. Protonica - Floating Point (Morning Mix)
5. Vibrasphere - Wasteland (Timedrained Remix)
6. Ovnimoon - Sandal Waters (Zyce, Amp & Flegma Remix)
7. Ritmo - Lego Tech (Original Mix)
8. Midimal - Over & Out (Flegma & Nerso Remix)
9. Sunstryk - No Surface (Original Mix)
10. Twinsect - For Outdoor Use Only (Original Mix)
11. Ace Ventura & Lish - The Light (Zen Mechanics Remix)

Computer Generated
August 24, 2011 05:34 PM PDT
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[NU SKOOL BREAKS] Seemlessly blending old and nu skool sounds, "Computer Generated" brings you nearly 80 minutes of today's best high energy breakbeat tracks all in one continuous mix. Built to generate momentum over the span of the set, the mix starts at 130BPM and ends at 138BPM. B-Boyz & Girlz, this one's for you. Enjoy!

1. Byrdkick feat. Arabyrd (Original Mix) - Son Of Kick
2. Ginnie (Under This Remix) - T.R.O.
3. Acid Reign (LuQas Remix) - Robosapiens
4. Nu Style Two (Original Mix) - DJ Rasco & Perfect Kombo
5. Baby Make A Sound (Original Mix) - Agent K & Deuce
6. Funkie Musik (Turns Me On) - Agent K & Deuce
7. Zones (4Kuba Remix) - Future Funk Squad
8. What You Think (Original Mix) - Lunar Shift
9. Somber Siren (Original Mix) - Dom Almond
10. Baby Baby Baby (SLIP 187 Remix) - Bella
11. Looking At You (Original Mix) - Agent K & Deuce
12. XTC (Agent K & Deuce Remix) - Kyper
13. I Will Set You Free (Original Mix) - Agent K & Deuce
14. Sinista (Original Mix) - Agent K & Deuce
15. Bass Binz Slamm (Original Mix) - Agent K & 303

Battle Zone
August 04, 2011 05:59 PM PDT
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[NU SKOOL BREAKS] Heavily inspired by the movie "Step Up 3", this past Spring I started to collect tracks that I thought would work well for a dance movie soundtrack. The result is a continuous mix filled with cutting edge sounds and some of the best Nu Skool tracks available. This Epic adventure has tons of fun, hard hitting songs, that all work together as one, creating a cinematic battling breakbeat experience worth checking out. You've just been served!!

1. Intro - Future Funk Squad & Glen Nicholls
2. Origin (Plastic Shell Remix) - Retroid
3. Revolve - Hedflux
4. Isolate feat. Melody Klyman (Eshericks Remix) - Future Funk Squad & The Crystal Method
5. Break (Original Mix) - Affinity
6. Come Again (Original Mix) - Agent K
7. Dilema (Plastic Shell Remix) - Pilot
8. Tough Case (Original Mix) - Psure & Psyan
9. Bass Addict (Original Mix) - Agent K
10. Underground (DJ Hook Remix) - Citizens Of The Empire
11. Midway (Controllers Remix) - Bartdon
12. Hip Hop Dont Stop (Agent K Remix) - The Klubbheads
13. Computer Machines (Agent K & J-Break Remix) - Rob Real
14. Open Up Your Soul (Wutam & J-Break Remix) - Agent K
15. Freaktrain (Original Mix) - Agent K & Deuce
16. My Way (Original Mix) - Eddie Voyager
17. Body Slam (Original Mix) - Mr. Dan & Sparks

There Is Always Hope
October 13, 2011 06:40 PM PDT
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[PROGRESSIVE TRANCE] When it comes to story building, there is no better genre suited to match my style of mixing than Progressive Trance. The finished product of "There Is Always Hope" has great organic flow, and includes a good balance of moving vocal tracks, as well as uplifting grooving ones. Keeping the BPM's floating in the low to mid 130's is just the right pace to keep the flow of this set moving all the way to the end. Thanks for your support! Comments welcome.

1. Heaven Is Falling Down (M Cecci Remix) - Luca Lombardi
2. Piano In The Rain (Probspot Vocal Mix) - Insignia
3. Unreleased Gems Part 3 (Original Mix) - Dale Anderson & Keenan
4. Always On My Mind (Cordonnier Remix) - Colonial One & Isa Bell
5. Find Yourself feat. Sarah Howells (Original Mix) - John O'Callaghan
6. One Night In Tokyo (Above & Beyond Remix) - Purple Mood
7. Staring At The Sea (Original Mix) - DJ Eco & Pacheco
8. Loveless feat. Vokiida Project (Original Mix) - Evan London
9. Another Way (Original Mix) - Impulsive Drive
10. High Tension (Envio Remix) - Sasha Da Link
11. Overjoyed (Hydroid Remix) - Solarsun

Planet Hunter
April 03, 2011 04:08 PM PDT
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[PSY-TRANCE] This is a progressive Psy set with a build in BPM from 137-145. Utilizing cinematic & space age sounding tracks, this deeply mixed and well integrated set will take you deep inside the music for an experience like no other.

1. Xone (Original Mix) - Centrino
2. Vibration Of Peace (Original Mix) - Ovnimoon
3. Relativity (Original Mix) - M-Theory
4. Angel Of My Soul (Allaby Remix) - The Egg
5. Induced (Original Mix) - Dickster & Burn In Noise
6. Necrastate Pattern (Original Mix) - Psynina
7. Airflow (Live Edit) - Protonica
8. Lost Transmission (Original Mix) - Sonic Species
9. Amore & Psyche (Original Mix) - Corona
10. Galaxy (Psynina Remix) - Psynina & Intersys
11. Who Are You (Original Mix) - Materia
12. D.I.M (Original Mix) - U-Recken

June 19, 2011 11:14 AM PDT
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[TRANCE/PROGRESSIVE] "Castles", my first Trance & Progressive set in 3 years, brings together an eclectic sound rich with beautiful harmonious melodies and powerful bass rhythms. Building in intensity all throughout the mix, then tapering off towards the end, "Castles" will not disappoint. BPM range: 130-135
Comments are welcome! Enjoy!

1. Waves On The Beach (Intro) - Sound FX
2. Musa Bella - Phynn
3. For You (The Blizzard Remix) - Envio
4. Sunrise (Jens Lonnberg Remix) - Andre Visior & Kay Stone
5. Blossom (Arty Remix) - Mike Foyle & Statica
6. Sonic Dive (Moein Remix) - Indecent Noise & Colin James
7. Digital Influence (Original Mix) - The Graff
8. Brazilia (Illitheas Progressive Remix) - Pattraxx
9. Sunrose (Original Mix) - Jessus
10. Gettin' High With Me (TraDeus Tentramade Remix) - Sceleton & Aneym
11. Minerva (Elevation Remix) - Supuer
12. Ever After (Original Mix) - Tucandeo
13. Flying (Nathyn Red Remix) - Leon 78

Until My Last Breath
January 29, 2011 12:34 PM PST
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[PROGRESSIVE BREAKS] This mix is part of my Progressive Breaks series. Until My Last Breath uses cinematic and melodic style breaks with a progressive build in BPM from beginning to end, and although this mix is not anywhere near high energy, it does carry a powerful and sincere feel throughout the entire set. High quality mix available at http://mixes.beatport.com/mix/until-my-last-breath/19614
As always, enjoy!

1. Windowgazing (Original Mix) - Michael Feihstel
2. Lights Of Paradise (Album Mix) - Ilya Mosolov
3. Atmospheres (Trip Mix) - Magnetique
4. Rain Castle (Original Mix) - Evave
5. Lisa (Abdomen Burst 'Organic Chill' Mix) - Jaksa Pavicevic
6. Small Things (Aeron Aether Breaks Remix) - B.O.N.G.
7. Spirals (Original Mix) - Monojoke
8. Black & White (Reconstruction Mix) - UnderThis
9. Pax (Original) - Ilay Mosolov
10. Secret Valley (Westlake Smack Breaks Mix) - Jim Siver
11. Connection (Aeron Aether Remix) - Michael, Levan, & Stiven Rivic
12. Connection (Faskil Progressive Breaks Remix) - Michael, Levan, & Stiven Rivic
13. Drops (Original Mix) - Soundprank

Paradigm Shift (Part 2)
March 21, 2010 10:43 AM PDT
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[PSY-TRANCE] Starting just a few BPM's higher than where part 1 left off, Paradigm Shift (Part 2) will deliver non-stop Psy-Trance action from beginning to end with a BPM range from 140-147. Just like in part 1, the tracks chosen are to borderline the Trance and Psy-Trance genre, creating an incredible Epic Psy-Trance sensation throughout the entire mix. Buckle up, because this will be one intense ride! Thanks to all my listeners, and enjoy!

1. Intro - Protonica
2. Space Designer - Fatali
3. Clouds - DJ Brainwave
4. Marinus - Bufo
5. Electric Hippy - The Electric Ant & The Commercial Hippy
6. Transparent - Burn In Noise
7. Galactic Family - Amd
8. Terrordactyl - Tristan
9. Turn Off The Light (Ovnimoon's Terra Remix) - Ovnimoon
10. Organica - Ital
11. Frequency Salad - Headroom & Burn In Noise
12. Slightly Turbo - Amd
13. Pop On - Fungus Funk

Paradigm Shift (Part 1)
March 02, 2010 07:06 AM PST
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[PROGRESSIVE-PSY]Paradigm Shift (Part 1) is a Psy-Trance mix designed with tracks that have a trance and progressive feel to them. With a BPM range from 130-137, it's a great mix for people who don't quite want to go to the extreme end of the Psy-Trance spectrum, but are craving a more sci-fi trance set.

1. Intro (wind effect)
2. Believe - Flegma & Nerso
3. Surreal - Flegma & Nerso
4. Far Away - Flegma & Nerso
5. Sacred Earth - Ovnimoon
6. Combustion feat. Zyce - Flegma & Nerso
7. Outwards (Visua Remix) - Zen Mechanics & Motion Drive
8. The Visitor - Jirah
9. Leaving Eden - Sunstryk
10. Multizone - Time In Motion
11. Light - Jay Selway
12. Multistop - Ritmo & Nok
13. One Life - Unseen Dimensions


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